Kate Beckinsale hot and lovely sex with Scott Speedman

Kate Beckinsale in this short clip is seen kissing her male partner while holding her from waist and enjoying the show. Kate Beckinsale is wearing some kind of superhero type dress being beautifully fit in her body.
The guy opens her clothes and then she also opens her and enjoys having suckings and smooches being together and they loved the way it happened.
The further scene in the clip showed both the guy and Kate Beckinsale being together on the bed while Kate Beckinsale was laid on the bed and the guy was fucking her in the classic missionary style while kissing and smooching her continuously.
Kate Beckinsale can be seen moving and grooving her hips while getting fucked and enjoying the fucking show with the male partner of her. We must say that the body of Kate Beckinsale is super beautiful and sexy and is really made of anything ready to be sucked and fucked.


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